laser tag games

team death match laser tag game

team death match

(As seen on "Call of duty, Modern Warfare" game series)

No nonsense just out and out gun battles.
The object of this laser combat game is to shoot as many of the other team as possible. Either points awarded for each player shot.
Or last man standing scenario is sometimes played. Simple but great fun.

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capture the flag laser tag game

capture the flag

World famous paintball game with a twist. Many flags are hidden all around the arena, simply retrieve more flags than the other team before the time runs out to win.

Sounds easy!, it isn't. Each team can only return their team colour flag back to their base and these are all somewhere in enemy territory.

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vip laser tag game


Great for birthdays, hen parties and stag party activities. In this game the v.i.p chooses a body guard and theyhide in the arena.
The rest of the group stalk the pair, in a game of laser tag hide and seek.
The twist to the game is that the v.i.p and his/her body guard get 8 lives each the hunting group only get one life.

If the v.i.p is still alive after the game time has counted down they win.

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